Red is a Pokemon trainter and the fourth known champion of Kanto (after Blue, Lance and Paul).


Before Red's JourneyEdit

Red was born in Pallet Town and looked up to Paul, the best trainer of the time. Though it didn't take too long to show that he excelled with understanding Pokemon, many of the kids around him found him to be scary due to his habit of rarely speaking. Some of them made fun of him, wanting for him to react, but he didn't; instead he bottled it all up and didn't even try to express his frustration with people. When he first got his hands on a Pokemon, he quickly found that it was the one thing that was really fun to him.

Pokemon Red/Green/BlueEdit

Much like the games, Red left from Pallet Town when he was 11 years old to begin his Pokemon journey. Defeating Team Rocket for the first time, he became the champion of Kanto after beating Blue. Despite winning, he did not conform to tradition; he instead let Lance become the acting champion as he trained.

Pokemon Gold/Silver/CrystalEdit

Two years later, he had been training on Mt. Silver, the toughest and most fitting place for him to train. Eventually, Gold, the champion of Kanto and Johto at the time, found him here, and defeated him.

Pokemon Sky & Black/WhiteEdit

During Sky's first journey, Red continued his training in a less secluded area, albeit unknown area, then Mt. Silver. When he heard about the World Championship taking place in Unova, he decided to travel over there. Though the results are unknown, he returned to Pallet Town for the next three years, which is where he battled Sky, beating him.

Pokemon ParodyEdit

Having been traveling around the world, Red received an invitation to battle against Aaron. Having heard of his ever growing feets, he decided to take up the offer and travel to Kanto to act as one of the 'Gym Leaders'.

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