Prior to SeriesEdit

Time Details
10,000+ years prior
  • Evil over takes world.
  • Powerful creatures roam the Earth, causing havoc to humans.
  • Pokanan appears and saves world.
  • Pokemon are named after Pokanan.
  • Green Haired Hero Prophecy is made.
17 years prior
13 years prior
12 years prior
10 years prior
9 years prior
8 years prior
7 years prior
  • Paul goes on journey, quickly becoming Kanto's champion, and vanishes; leaving his deceased Pokemon behind.
  • Paul's mother and his little brother, Sky, move to New Bark Town, leaving their father behind in Pallet Town.
6 years prior
  • Sky and Gold befriend each other.
4 years prior
3 years prior
  • Luna is born.
  • Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen take place.
  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby take place.
1 year prior
  • Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver take place.
  • Pokemon Platinum take place.
Year 1
  • Sky starts his journey in Kanto..
Year 2
  • Sky continues his journey into Johto
  • Pokemon Black and White take place.
Year 3
  • Sky takes a boat to Hoenn, continuing his journey.
Year 4
  • Sky takes a boat to Sinnoh, continuing his journey.
  • Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 take place.
  • Pokemon X and Y take place.

Pokemon SkyEdit

Year 1: KantoEdit

Time Details
Day 1, Chapter 1
  • Sky starts his journey.

Year 2: Johto (+ The Events of Black & White)Edit

Year 3: HoennEdit

Year 4: SinnohEdit

Between Pokemon Sky & GreyEdit

Pre-The Truth Behind Cloak (+ The Events of Black 2 & White 2 and X & Y.)Edit

Pokemon Sky the Movie; The Truth Behind CloakEdit

Post-The Truth Behind CloakEdit

Pokemon GreyEdit

Part 1: Grey's JourneyEdit

Between Part 1 & 2Edit

Part 2: The Return of the CloaksEdit

Between Pokemon Grey & ParodyEdit

Pre-Special 2Edit

Special 2: Aaron's JourneyEdit

Special 3: Hilbert's Mystery DungeonEdit

Special 4: Hilbert the RangerEdit

Movie 1: Aaron's Past (Past)Edit

Post-Movie 1Edit

Pokemon ParodyEdit

Season 1: The BeginningEdit

Movie 1: Aaron's Past (Present)Edit

Season 2: The First of the OthersEdit

Season 3: The Advanced PathEdit

Movie 2: ???Edit

Season 4: The Islands of LegendEdit

Season 5: The Middle of it AllEdit

Movie 3: ???Edit

Season 6: The Burned TowersEdit

Season 7: The Place Far Away From HomeEdit

Season 8: The Return of Team PlasmaEdit

Season 9: The Region Full of Many OthersEdit

Movie 4: ???Edit

Season 10: The EndEdit

Movie 5: The Battle Against EvilEdit

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